Advantages of a Portable Standing Desk


If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer at your desk and you feel as though you are slipping into bad habits, you may want to consider a standing desk. Today you can find modern versions of these desks in the market. You may already know that sitting too much can be extremely harmful for your health. The following are some of the top advantages of a portable standing desk, you should buy the one at

Helps you Maintain a Better Standing Position

If you used to stand at your seated desk in an awkward position, then you need to know that if you use a standing desk, you can keep up a great body posture by keeping your shoulders. Over the period of time, you’ll end up feeling more positive effects by maintaining an upright posture.

Aids you Loose Some Extra Pounds

Whether you believe it or not, you may end up loosing a few extra pounds when you use a standing desk instead of your seated desk. When you sit, you can’t burn any calories, whereas while standing, it’s easier to make a few steps around and try to alter the position of your body.

Keeps your Back Straight

When you stand up you train the muscles of your back and eventually you can improve your body posture. This makes you keep your back in a straight position; especially if you suffer from back pain, this position may do miracles for you; a good posture improves the integrity of your bones.

Helps you be More Focused

Working on a standing desk can also help you be more focused. You maintain an alert position and as a result you don’t get the sleepy feeling where you want to put your head down on your seated desk. When you are standing on your desk, your muscles are engaged and as a result you can feel more energetic to complete your work in your computer.

Offers you a Better Sleep at Night

When you stand up while you are working hard, you feel like you also exercise your body. As a result, at night you feel more relaxed and comfortable and you can have a better good night sleep. Whereas if you sit the whole day on a seated desk, you may think that you haven’t done anything for your body and your overall well being the whole day.

Boosts your Energy & Self Confidence

Standing gives you a great energy boost, that can help you complete your work as soon as possible and maintain a great feeling. In case you use a tall desk, your blood delivers more oxygen to your body and you may feel more powerful and alive. Constantly standing can help release various endorphins in your body, which are responsible for your overall mood and happiness.

Increases your Results at Work

You may not believe it, but when you do your work on a standing office, you tend to be more productive. Sitting all day at your computer can bring you a fatigue and your brain might not be very clear. But when you are working from a standing desk, you are able to complete your work with a clearer mind and in time.