Easy Ways to Repair your Jewelry

Jewelry is the most important part of women life. Whether it is a precious or semi-precious jewelry, they are equally important for a girl. But when a piece of jewelry gets damaged, it’s a good idea to get it repaired as soon as possible. If it will not be repaired soon, more damage can occur on stones or additional links and other decorative elements tends to fall . There are numerous ways to fix jewelry and to take care of it. Learn the numerous ways to fix jewelry at http://www.shopedc.com/jewelry/jewelry-repair-dayton-ohio/. This way, it will have a long as well as beautiful life.
First of all, its an advice to you all to keep your jewelry in a soft velvet cloth, so that your jewelry will be safe and will not be scratched within hard boxes. Jewelry can be just as expensive to repair as to buy. If you go to jewelry store simple repairs can cost very high. But now you don’t need to go to the jewelry store for every jewelry repair. In fact, a lot of things can be done at home on your couch. You just need jewelry repair kit at your home. Remember you can only repair small things at home. So don’t buy a torch, a propane / oxygen tank. Please do not purchase anything, which is dangerous. You can do simple repairs at home like ring sizing, stone tightening, soldering rebuilding prongs etc. There are some ways, with the help of which, one can repair their damaged jewelry.

1. Tools needed
Some of the tools needed are polishing cloth along with rouge, jewelry cleaner, tarnish remover, steam cleaner, watch toolkit, clasps, straight pins, flat nosed pillars, swing pen mallet, mandrel, jewelry epoxy, exacto knife etc.

2. Buffing and polishing
A rouge polishing-cloth can help you to remove the surface scratches as well as dullness from any type of metal. One can render a high polish glow to the Gold with just some slight pressure when you do polish.

3. Removing additional links
A screwdriver will help you to add or remove the links from your bracelet or from your neck pieces.

4. Tightening jump rings
If your chain gets pulled, the links will open up and get stretched. It can cause the bracelet chain or pending to fall or it may get loose. To repair this, you just need 2 sets of long-nose fillers and they will be fixed in seconds. Your task is just to join the ends by turning one hand clock-wise and the other hand counter-clockwise. Now you can move the ends and snug it. You are done.

5. Un-knotting chains
Lay the chain and put one straight pin from the link, wiggle it to hold chain and jiggle it to lose in that area. Now take another straight pin from the knot and on the opposite side and wiggle them. The Knot will be eventually pull-free.

6. Re-gluing the loose pearls or diamonds
First, get rid of the old glue, which is stuck on your jewelry and then carefully re glue the diamond or pearl. Now apply pressure on the Diamond or a pearl until it dries(use strong glue).


  • Don’t be very quick or jerky while repairing your jewelry.
  • Don’t use a big hammer as it can harm your jewelry.
  • Don’t put much pressure on the jewelry while repairing.
  • Use branded glue.