Importance of changing your address as soon as you move homes

Your home address is basically an alternative way for physical identification. For that reason, it is very important that when changing premises, you need to change your address as well so that it does not bring any confusions especially to companies that offer delivery services to your door step. According to statistics from, there are hundreds of millions of mails that have not reached their owners simply because the owners did not consider updating their new address after they moved to new homes.

A home address today is used for more than just making deliveries. When taking part in online shopping, your home address is normally required even if no deliveries are to be made. Why is it so? Well, online shopping requires that you link your credit card. Note that when applying for a credit card, your residential address is one of the information needed. When the address details on your credit card does not match your delivery address, then already there is a problem and you may not be allowed to purchase for goods or services. Utility companies also rely on your address in order to provide you with service and billing. If you fail to update your address, then you can already imagine what kind of trouble you are getting yourself into.

Another important reason why you need to update your address when you move is to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Countries prefer keeping the real data and information about their citizens. It is illegal to use an address that is not under your name and this is exactly what happens when you move and you don’t update your address. It is the same with cheating the government that you stay in a particular place when you don’t and this can lead to a serious charges. Your employer must be updated when you move into a new home and acquire a new home address. This simply avoids the employer from having the wrong information about you since it is under the law that you do so.

One would think that electronic mails have killed physical mails but the truth is, there are some things that you cannot send through e-mails simply because of their nature. For example, your renewed credit card or driving licence cannot be e-mailed to you. It has to come in its physical nature straight from the provider. As much as electronic mails are said to have taken over, there are still some deliveries that can never be made through online.

Updating your residential address saves you the trouble of having to carry someone else’s problems.When moving into a new home, you never know what the previous owners used to do. If they were involved in illegal activities and you move in without updating the address, then be sure that the law is coming for you instead. As much as you may not be the suspect, you will have to explain why you have not updated your address to your new residential home.