Rebound Dating

Rebound dating is a common phenomenon in this era. Before I go any further, you might probably be asking, what is rebound dating? Rebound dating happens in cases where either both or one of the partners in a relationship just suffered a major heartbreak from a previous relationship. The heartbreak could be as a result of a divorce, cheating from a previous partner, trust issues or any other reason that could possibly lead to the termination of a romantic relationship.

Partners in a rebound relationship are mostly emotionally unstable. This unstable state might be caused by unresolved feelings towards their ex, neediness and loneliness feelings, the need to be wanted or loved again, the list varies depending on an individual.

After being in a serious relationship for long, most people who undergo breakups tend to look forward to the freedom that is associated with being single. They will dream of being free to do whatever they want to do without a partner looking over their shoulder, party, go shopping, meet with whoever they want, hang out with friends, meet new people, travel, in a nutshell, just live without giving.

However, their expectations of being free and happy may not be exactly what they had pictured before. This is mostly because they are unable to switch their life to the single state. Being in a relationship for months or years and suddenly becoming single, is not an easy situation for most people. They will miss being loved, being wanted, having a partner and just having someone to fight for them.

This is what then triggers them to find new partners. Reasons for getting new partners might be for sexual purposes or just for companionship. This kind of relationships might seem to work at first, but in the long run, they end up becoming toxic. Either of the involved parties or both may realize this but ending this type of relationships is harder. It’s even harder in a scenario when the partner who was not in a relationship previously realizes that their date is a rebound. They will keep their lover around not because of love but out of sympathy.

Let’s face it, dating someone out of sympathy will not last for a long time. This will eventually lead to another break up which might leave someone even more hurt than before. They might be angry or blame their rebound for all their troubles.

Most people turn to rebound dating to forget about their exes, but this might not be the best approach to dealing with hurt feelings. It is a lot easier when one takes time to be themselves, cry, accept and move on. Once you start to enjoy being alone, it would be easier to identify whether the next relationship is because of love or not.

This does not mean that rebound dating is not worth it. Some people have been lucky to meet the love of their lives thanks to rebound dating. A rebound relationship might be just how you were meant to meet your soul mate.