The process of moving

Moving houses can be very stressful. There is actually a lot of planning and activities that are required before, during and after the actual move. Here, we have outlined a guide on moving homes and how you can make the moving less stressful.


Preparing yourself physically, financially, mentally and socially is always the best place to get you started with your moving process.- Draw out a budget for moving – Moving can be expensive and needs  o be planned for accordingly. A budget ensures that you prioritise the important things and forego the less important. You could decide to skip the upcoming holiday and use the money to move instead. – Apply for a change of your mailing address with the USPS – This takes sometime before it is approved (about 2-3 weeks). You will also be required to update your billing information for utilities, etc.- Let the people around you know that your moving – family and friends. Your social network needs to know that you are moving out, which helps you take care of as well.

This could also be a perfect time to ask for help from them when it gets to the time to move, especially when you need to lift heavy furniture etc.- Shop around for the best moving company or for a truck you will hire to move. Depending on your budget, you can either hire a moving company or hire a truck and move your stuff by yourself. Early planning gives you time to shop around for cheaper offers and also look up at reviews from other movers.- Buy enough packing materials like bubble wraps, carton boxes, styrofoam among others.-Declutter and clean up – This is to help you reduce the amount of unnecessary junk that you won’t really need while moving.- Write down a packing list – what goes where? – Classify your items in terms of use, fragility, bulkiness, weight etc.


Packing should begin a few days before you move and not on the day of moving. Using the already drawn packing list, pack your stuff in order of importance. In most cases, you might need to start with your clothes and kitchenware with furniture and fragile equipment coming in Iast.Packing needs to be done with patience especially if you are doing it on your own give yourself enough time so that you don’t miss or mixup things.Remember to label your boxes with the contents in them. This is necessary, especially if you are not unpacking everything immediately. It also makes unpacking easier as boxes that contain kitchenware will be taken straight to the kitchen while those with bedroom stuff are taken straight to the bedroom. Avoid having so many boxes as some movers will charge depending on the number of boxes – you would rather have slightly larger boxes instead.

On the Day of Moving- Having prepared yourself in good time, the actual day of moving will be less stressful. You might need someone to take care of your children collecting all the spare keys that you had given out to your neighbours and family. – Get help from friends to load the moving truck. – Heavy and bulky stuff are supposed to be loaded in first with the lighter and fragile stuff coming in Iast.- Fasten the ropes and the doors of the truck and make sure everything is in order before heading out to your new home.

Unpacking- Having done the packing in the right way and properly labelled, unpacking will always be easy and hassle-free. Items will be taken straight to their respective locations or rooms in the new home.- Unpacking can be done immediately or can be done over time depending on the importance or urgency of use. It is important, however, to set a timeline by which all the boxes should be unpacked and make sure that you stick to that timeline.

In your new place- If you are not the first person to live in the new home, it is important to change all the locks and security codes if any. This is just to ensure that you avoid cases of insecurities like break ins.- Visit the DMV and register your cars with the new address. While at it, you might as well update your billing for utilities, insurance and any other update you will be required to do.