Who are lawyers?

This is a person who has studied and is practicing law. The synonyms of lawyer
are advocates, attorney, practitioner, barrister, counsellor, solicitor, legal advisor, legist among others. Their main duty is to improve law. They also do counselling and present clients in court. They are either hired by an individual, company or the government to represent a client during a hearing. A practicing lawyer should be licensed by the relevant body.

How can a lawyer from Conoscienti & Ledbetter help you? We all need lawyers to solve legal problems in one or more sector(s) of our lives. These may be when purchasing or claiming a land, during a divorce, during writing and reading of a will, when a crime is committed, securing finances, during business transactions, in case one is faced by the possibilities of going bankrupt among others. All these sectors are handled by different kinds of lawyers. Most lawyers are known for helping in criminal defence. In criminal defence, the person accused of committing a crime is the one being defended. The crime being defended may be big or small. The big crimes include killing someone and the small ones, verbally abusing someone. The work of a lawyer here is to prove the accused innocent or if the accused is found guilty,
reduce their sentencing. The second most sought after lawyers are the real estate lawyers. They help their clients purchase legal land and claim grabbed land. They also draft title deeds. Labour lawyers help employees.

They are sought after in cases where an employer does not pay an employee, an employee is fired without any notice, an employee is overworked and underpaid, an employee is physically and mentally abused or an employee’s rights are not observed. Business lawyers are sought after when there is a partnership in business, for example, the formation of a company. They draft papers to be signed by the involved parties. They are also needed in huge business transactions. An example is the purchasing of a cargo. If you are wealthy and you feel you or someone else can mishandle your finances, then it is time to seek a finance lawyer’s help. They will secure your wealth, at a fee of course. Most people, especially those in businesses may hit the rock and face the chances of being bankrupt. These people need a lawyer to help them secure their money.

Some family see it fit to have a lawyer. They cover all sector of the family governed by law but most only deal with divorce. These lawyers determine who will be in custody of the children and pets in the house. Some of these lawyers deal with prenuptial agreements. Stuck in a foreign country and don’t have the means to go back to your country of origin, seek the help of an immigration lawyer. They see unto it that you reunite with the people in your country. Someone hits your car and they don’t want to compensate you, there are lawyers that can help you with that. They will see unto it that you get the justice you deserve. Wills are written and read by lawyers. This is to avoid family feuds. This lawyer will advise a person on how to divide will among the family members and draft legal papers for family members to sign.

Lawyers are not a must have in our lives but time to time we might need them. We hire some and some are paid by the government to offer service to the society at no charges. All in all they help us get the justice we deserve